Chapter II



Chapter II




All past students who have attended for at least one scholastic year at St Aloysius College or at any other College directed by the Jesuit Fathers, known also as the Society of Jesus, may apply for membership.



Applications for membership, on the prescribed form, should be submitted for consideration by the Council. Only in the case of a very serious reason shall the Council have the right to refuse an application for membership.



Any past student whose application has been refused shall have the right to appeal to a General Meeting convened for the purpose. Should this General Meeting refuse the appeal, the appellant shall have the right to re-apply for membership provided that such application is submitted to the Council after three years from the date of refusal of the previous application.

Membership Fees


Members shall pay a subscription fee of Two Maltese Lira Fees (LM2) which is payable on election to membership, or by the date of the Annual General Meeting, whichever is the earlier.

The subscription fee for members of the Youth Section shall be of fifty cents (50c).

Membership to the Youth Section is open to ex-alumi/ae who have left College during a period not exceeding sev en years.

Members will be provided with a membership card.

No subscription shall be refundable.

Renewal date


Notwithstanding any date of election of election of a member, a full year's subscription fee shall be deemed to have elapsed on the date of the Annual General Meeting which shall be the date of renewal of all membership fees.



(a) Saving the provisions of this statute, members whose subscription fee is in default shall forfeit all voting rights, as well as the right to election to the Council.

(b) Members shall forfeit their membership if they fail to pay two consecutive yearly subscription fees, after due warning by the Treasurer.

Life Membership


A subscription fee of fifteen Maltese Liri (LM15) shall be payable for a life membership.

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