Chapter III


Chapter III

The Council



The management of the Association shall be entrusted to a Council composed of nine members as follows:-

a)       A Reverend Jesuit Father nominated by the Reverend Father Rector. He will also act as Spiritual Director.

b)    Eight other members elected in accordance with the provisions of this Statute.

c)      The Reverend Father Rector of St Aloysius College, ex-ufficio.



A candidate becomes eligible for election to the Council after one year's membership.

Election day


The election of the Council shall take place annually during the Annual General Meeting which will be held on a day chosen beforehand by the outgoing Council.



At its first meeting, the Council shall elect its Officials in the following order: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary.

Spiritual Director


The Council shall confirm the Spiritual Director in terms of article 12(a).



Voting for Council Officials shall be by secret ballot, by the members present.



The Council shall be responsible for the good management of the affairs of the Association. The Council members shall be in full accord with the objects and articles of this Statute.



The Council shall be empowered to:-

a)        Conduct and manage all business affairs of the Association;

b)     Convene Council Meetings at the request of four Council members;

c)      Appoint sub-committees in terms of article 3 (d), or for any other purposes;

d)       Co-opt additional members who shall not have the right to vote in the Council and who shall be so co-opted only for as long as their services are required;

e)    Refuse any applications for membership, provided that such refusal is carried out by not less than six votes;

f)        Suspend or expel a member, provided that in either case the motion is approved by not less than six members of the Council; the expelled member has the right to appeal to a General Meeting convened for the Purpose;

g)       Issue warning in writing to members prior to considering any measures contemplated in (e) and (f) of this article;

h)    Nominate Patrons and Honorary Presidents subject to approval by a General Meeting;

i)       Take any action considered necessary in the interests of the Association or its members;

j)       Bring before a General Meeting such matters as are considered necessary;

k)     Submit to a General Meeting proposals for amendments to the Statute of the Association.



Four members of the Council shall form a quorum.



Council members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings without justifiable cause will be suspended from the Council.

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