Chapter V


Chapter V

General Meetings

Annual General Meeting


A General Meeting will be held annually on a date to be fixed in advance by the outgoing Council.

The Agenda shall include:-

a)       The annual reports of the President and the Treasurer;

b)       Appointment of auditors from among the members of the Association for the purpose of checking the accounts;

c)       Appointment of the Election Commission, to consist of three members from among the members present at the Annual General Meeting, to conduct the election of the Council Members;

d)       The election of eight members for the Council;

e)       Any other matter submitted by the outgoing Council.

Extraordinary General Meeting


The President may convene a General Meeting when he considers necessary or when he receives a written request from at least fifteen members.



The quorum necessary for all General Meetings shall be twenty or one third of the members of the Association, whichever is the lesser number. Should there be no quorum the meeting shall be held half an hour after the appointed time with the members present.



Voting at General Meetings: -

a)       Unless otherwise stipulated, motions submitted at a General Meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present;

b)       The Chairman shall, in case of a tie, have a second, cas ting vote;

c)       Voting shall be open unless a secret ballot is requested by any member.



Amendments to the Statute can only be made by a decision of a General Meeting, provided such amendments are included in the agenda of the meeting.

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